Mount Dobson

The wonderful family friendly Mt Dobson Ski Area is literally on the back door step of St Elmo's Cottage. Direct views up the mountain will give you the weather report, and it is only 10 minutes drive to the access road and another 30 minutes to the top!

Lake Opuha

Only 5 minutes down the road is Lake Opuha providing a range of activities for all ages. It is perfect for boating, water-skiing, fishing and picnics!


Our little town of Fairlie has grown so much over the past few years. Not only do we have the world famous Fairlie Bakehouse with great coffee and the best pies you'll ever taste, but fabulous shops with great clothing and gift shops for Women, Men, Children and homewares. Photo Credit: @pla_gallery

Fairlie Bakehouse

The pies at the Fairlie Bakehouse are simply a must-try during your visit. Award winning creations with local ingredients. It's no wonder these pies are famous worldwide!

Fairlie Township

Fairlie is also well appointed in terms of facilities with restaurants, shops, service stations and our local Foursquare supermarket. Further information on local options can be found here.

Lake Tekapo

Situated on the shores of Lake Tekapo, The Church of the Good Shepard is a stunning spot, and one of the most photographed buildings in New Zealand.

Lake Tekapo

Lupins bloom in the Mackenzie and along the Lake shores from November through to February and are a stunning sight to behold and photograph.


Hunting on local stations can be arranged with many talented and well connected local guides.

Lake and River Fishing

Lake Opuha and the North and South Opuha Rivers are all within minutes drive of St Elmo's Cottage. However fishing tours can be arranged with talented and well connected local guides.

Star Gazing

Mackenzie skies are some of the clearest in the world and something that we never take for granted. Even though on a clear night you can step out the back door of St Elmos Cottage and see skies like this, there is also professional stargazing options available.

Opihi River Walking Track

The River Track as its known locally is a great place to wander and absorb, go for a run, or ride horses and bikes. Again this great spot can be accessed only 5 minutes up Monument Road from St Elmo's Cottage. There are also many other great tracks in the area to explore.

Farm Tours

We have an extensive Dairy Farming and grazing operation, including the direct paddocks surrounding the Cottage. We are more than happy to arrange farm tours for visitors to St Elmo's Cottage.